In some parts of the country, a screen room can get year-round use, but that’s not the case in Wisconsin where the winter temperatures dip into the single digits. Ensure your screened-in room is ready to enjoy once spring rolls around, take these simple steps to winterize the space. Thorough Cleaning Start by thoroughly cleaning the screens, floors, walls, and furniture. This way, all of that dust and dirt won’t be trapped there all winter, and you’ll be starting with a clean space. Check and Clean the Exterior Check the roof for debris, clean the gutters, and remove any bushes or tree branches that could cause a problem. The weight of the snow can easily cause even large limbs to break, so it’s best to remove any that are close enough to threaten your home. Protect Furniture Clean and store throw pillows, and cover all patio furniture to protect it and keep it clean during the months it will not be in use. Seal the Space There are a couple of options when it comes to this part of winterizing your Green Bay screen room, but we like the one that makes the process as simple as possible! The first year will involve more work and expense, but going forward, it will be much easier to winterize your porch.

  • Take Detailed Measurements: Take accurate measurements of the screens, so you’ll have the information you need to cut a piece of sheeting to fit each section.
  • Purchase Vinyl Sheeting: Purchase enough to cover each section of screen and to leave sufficient overlap.
  • Purchase Other Items: You’ll also need Velcro tape and a razor knife.
  • Cut the Sheeting: Cut the sheeting to fit each screen. Don’t forget to leave room for attaching the vinyl sheeting to the frame or trim.
  • Attach Velcro to Sheeting and Framing: Place a long section of the Velcro tape along the top and bottom of the sheeting (the hook side) and two shorter pieces along each side. Then attach the matching loop section of the Velcro tape along the framing and trim.
  • Hang the Sheeting: Now it’s simply a matter of attaching the vinyl sheeting using the Velcro tape.
A few notes:
  • When it’s time to remove the sheeting, do so carefully and then cover and store it away for next winter.
  • Mark each piece of sheeting and each section of a trim in a way that you’ll know which piece goes where next year.
  • Next year, you’ll be able to skip the measuring and simply reattach the sheeting.

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