There are many practical and aesthetic benefits to garage floor coatings. Not only will your once drab floors look great, you won’t have to deal with damage from impacts, weather, or chemical spills. Although there are many upsides to concrete coatings, there are some things to consider before having one installed. To ensure you’re getting the best results possible, keep these four things in mind.

Minor Cracks Can be Repaired

Concrete is an inflexible material that cannot expand and retract to accommodate for shifting temperatures. This can lead to cracks in the concrete, which is one of the biggest reasons for investing in concrete coatings. If you’re concerned that current cracks will impede the application process, you will be glad to know that your floor coating professional can repair minor to moderate cracks using an Elastomeric treatment. This flexible material fills any gaps in the concrete and prevents damage from worsening.

Moisture is a Problem

If your concrete flooring has a moisture problem, then garage floor coatings might not be the best solution for you. Too much moisture can cause your floor coating to fail, so if you suspect this could be a problem insist that your installation professional perform a simple test using a moisture meter. This is common practice, so it won’t be a problem to ask. If too much moisture is detected, you can still get a concrete coating. You just need to have vapor barrier installed first.

Know What’s Being Applied

Did you know that some concrete coatings can contain harmful compounds that give off toxic gases? Although most professionals take every safety precaution necessary, it’s a good idea to protect yourself and your loved ones by knowing exactly what is being applied to your concrete floors. Make sure the products used are EPA lead-safe and low in volatile organic compounds. Your technician should be able to provide data sheets that offer the information you need.

Determine Your Protection Level

Not all garage floor coatings are created equal. Some are prone to damage from chemicals and abrasions, so make sure you’re getting a product that offers the durability you need. If you only use your garage to park your vehicles, then you could settle for a lower-quality product if you want to save a few dollars. If you do a lot of work in your garage, then you’re better off investing in a coating that is made to withstand heavy use and chemicals—and strong warranties don’t hurt either! Are you looking for a quality garage floor coating in Green Bay, WILegacy Concrete Coating offers some of the most durable and stylish products on the market. Our compounds are safe, installations are seamless, and we offer easy financing to make getting started simpler!