Instead of feeling trapped in your home and blue this winter, take action and make a change that will help you enjoy winters for years to come. While a vacation is a quick fix, a sunroom installation can bring a touch of summer to your home all throughout the season. Best of all, there are several types of sunrooms that you can customize to fit your lifestyle, but regardless of which you choose, you can see several improvements in your quality of life.

Integrated Four Season Rooms

If you love to soak up the sunshine even when the temperatures in Green Bay drop below freezing, a four season sunroom is going to be well worth your money. With this addition, you can directly integrate the sunroom into your existing home so that the roofing, interior, exterior, and HVAC system fit seamlessly. You essentially get extra living space with plenty of energy efficient windows designed to let the sunlight in your house. This space is great for anyone needing a study, indoor garden, or entertaining room.

Affordable Screen Rooms

Even if you don’t want to spend the money on a well-insulated sunroom, you can still lift your spirits by working on another home improvement project—a screen room. While you won’t be able to comfortably sit in your screen room in the middle of winter without being bundled up, you can certainly create something to look forward to this summer. We love screen rooms because they are a much more affordable project that still creates a great outdoor living space. With your new screen room, you’ll no longer have to cancel family nights outside because of inclement weather or bugs. The quality screens provide all the protection you need from pests, debris, and more.

Innovative LifeRooms

For homeowners looking to create a breathtaking addition that will wow all their guests, look no further. Our state-of-the-art LifeRooms are like no other home additions. In fact, a LifeRoom comes with many unique benefits that can help you enjoy the winter weather, including:
  • Motorized Screens: You can adjust protection from the sun as needed with quiet motorized screens.
  • Mood Lighting: If you love winter and want to enhance the beauty, you can take advantage of the LED mood lighting that illuminates the screen.
  • Soft Breeze Technology: With this technology, you can bring a soft ocean breeze right into your home.
  • Cool Mist Climate Systems: To make your home feel like winter all year long, you can use our “flash evaporation” system to drop the room temperature by up to 40 degrees almost instantly.
No matter which of our sunroom projects you want to tackle this winter, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact Legacy Sunrooms! You can pick up the phone to speak with a friendly call representative about your budget and goals for a sunroom installation. If it is more convenient for you, you can take a minute to fill out our online form to request a complimentary project quote.