Four season sunrooms and three season sunrooms look similar in appearance, but function quite differently. Four seasons sunrooms are also called all seasons rooms because they can be used year-round.  Three seasons sunrooms can be used in the mild temperatures of Spring, Summer, and Fall.  In the Midwest, it is important to know the difference between four seasons sunroom and three seasons sunroom because in the Winter the three seasons sunroom may prove to be useless.

Differences Between a Four Seasons Sunroom Versus a Three Seasons Sunroom is Construction

Three seasons sunrooms are usually added to an existing deck or patio and separated from the rest of the house with an exterior door.  It is heated and cooled separately from the rest of the house, and it is usually not insulated.Four seasons sunrooms need a foundation and footers.  They are open to the rest of the house and have insulated walls, floor, and roof.  A four seasons sunroom is a true extension of your home to be used year-round. It is constructed using the existing HVAC for temperature control in all seasons.  A four seasons sunroom has thermally engineered framing so that it can be heated and cooled cost-effectively. Durable double pane windows are used in four seasons sunrooms for energy efficiency.Learn More About the Sunrooms We Offer in Your Area Today!With our expert service, budget-friendly pricing, and unparalleled products, you can’t go wrong choosing Legacy Sunrooms for your new sunroom addition! To learn more about the products and services that we offer in your area, give us a call to speak with a friendly member of our team. You can also request a free estimate and consultation now by filling out our brief online form.  We service Green Bay, De Pere and the surrounding area.