Concrete coating is a great option for basement floors, garage floors, and non-slip pool surrounds. Cleaning and caring for them is easy, it is long-lasting and is resilient to heavy wear and tear.  This type of flooring is basically maintenance-free and doesn’t have grout lines or other places for dirt to get caught, so it’s easy to care for and keep clean. Concrete coating is a non-porous surface that is heat and stain-resistant, which is why many homeowners choose it.  If you plan on getting concrete coating or already have it in your home, here are some recommended ways to clean and care for these types of floors, and what you should avoid.

What to Use to Clean Concrete Coating:

  • Shop vacs and large brooms for picking up loose debris
  • Mop or microfiber cleaning pads with hot water and ammonia solution for a more thorough cleaning
  • Scrubbing with non-chemical cleaner for more stubborn dirt and grime
  • Garage floors and pool decks may be hosed down for a quick clean

What Not to Use to clean Concrete Coating:

  • Citrus cleansers and vinegar are not good for the coating – they contain acids that slowly degrade the finish of the coating
  • Any cleansers with soap – the soap will leave streak marks and a hazy film. A soapy film can get slippery if it gets wet, which is especially dangerous for pool surrounds

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