what is the difference, and why would one be better than the other for your home?  That would depend on your wants and needs as a homeowner. They both have their benefits and possible drawbacks, depending on what’s important for you.  If you want all-around views and the ability to stargaze at night, then you want a solarium. The cost may be higher, but it may be worth the price for your enjoyment.  A sunroom is more energy-efficient and more likely to be used year-round. Let’s look at other differences.What is a solarium?

  • A type of sunroom made entirely of glass, including the walls and the roof
  • Provides unobstructed views, daytime views of your yard and wildlife and nightly views of the stars in the sky
  • Makes an incredible greenhouse for year-round gardening
  •  Warm in the summer and cold in the winter
  • Not very energy efficient
  • Can be challenging to keep clean
  • Expensive to build
  • Adds value to your home
What is a sunroom?
  • Three-season (used in Fall, Spring, and Summer)
  • Four-season sunrooms (used year-round)
  • More energy efficient
  • Temperature is easier to maintain with operating windows and screens
  •  Sunrooms are less expensive
  • Adds value to your home
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