Green Bay weather and temperatures can do a number on your garage floor, and concrete coating provides a cost-effective solution for restoration and protection. However, not all systems are the same. If you want the best garage floor coating possible, keep this important fact in mind: polyaspartic is better than epoxy. Traditionally, epoxy coatings have served as the go-to choice for concrete coating, but the game is changing! Here’s what you need to know about polyaspartic garage floor coating.

It Lasts Longer.

Unlike poured epoxy coating that sits on top of the concrete, polyaspartic penetrates the surface, creating a stronger bond and greater resistance to dents and scratches. This means your concrete coating will last much longer, so you won’t have to deal with recoating your floor after a few short years. In the unlikely event that your coating becomes damaged, repairs are much simpler when compared to epoxy.

It Will Not Fade or Peel.

Delamination is a common issue with epoxy, which leads to peeling after a few short years. In addition to deep penetration, polyaspartic coatings form a flake-resistant layer. That means no peeling whatsoever! This system is also UV resistant, so you can leave your garage doors open without putting your coating at risk of fading or yellowing.

Installation Is Fast and Easy.
Your typical epoxy coating takes multiple days to install and up to five days to cure. Polyaspartic concrete coatings are installed in just one day with a cure time of 24 hours. You will also be glad to know that polyaspartic coatings can be installed anytime of the year, unlike epoxy which only adheres properly in summer months.

Legacy Concrete Coating Provides the Solution You Need.

When you want the best garage floor coating in Green Bay, we hope you will turn to Legacy Concrete Coating. We are proud to provide quality polyaspartic garage floor coating in multiple colors and textures along with the reliable installation you need. To learn more about why polyaspartic is better than epoxy, or to request a free cost estimate, contact us today!