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Chip Floor Finishes

At Legacy Sunrooms, we challenge you to re-think concrete coating. Our chip system flooring isn't just for commercial or industrial use, but for households too! How is this possible? We've taken the durability features you need and added an aesthetic appeal that's beautiful enough for any setting. When you choose our innovative flooring option, you can transform any lifeless and worn out concrete into a stunning space that's safer, easier to maintain, and resistant to damge from abrasions, impacts, and weather!

Beyond Typical Garage Floor Coating

Usually, the need for a strong surface that withstands heavy traffic, chemical stains, and the elements are the first motivations for garage floor coating. Although these features are important, we are proud to provide an innovative system that's not only durable, but more stylish than you might imagine. This allows us to offer a quality concrete coating solution that not only suits garages but works wonders for pool decks and patio decks too!

Your project begins with a consultation and cost estimate, at which time you can learn more about the many features our chip concrete coating system offers including:

  • Custom Style: Choose from a variety of colors and patterns to create a glossy finish that's as beautiful as it is functional.
  • Seamless Adhesion: Our chemical formula creates a strong bond between the coating and concrete for lasting protection that will not peel or flake.
  • Fast Application: We can complete your project in just one day thanks to hassle-free application and fast cure times.
  • Lasting Quality: Your floor is made with durable polyurea for a chemical and impact resistant surface, and UV stability keeps your floor looking like new despite consistent sunlight exposure.

Discover our Custom Chip Concrete Coating Finishes!

Are you ready to upgrade your home or business with a designer floor that offers the best in beauty and durability? Call Legacy Sunrooms today to learn more about our concrete floor finishes or use our online form to get started with a free, no-obligation estimate right away!

Save $300 on Garage Floor Coating

Save $300 on concrete coatings for two car or larger garages. Add Beauty and performance to your garage with custom concrete coatings from Legacy Concrete Coatings!

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