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Wonderful from start to finish

We had a sun room addition added to our rear porch, From our first sit down for ideas, to helping us with designs, colors and the install were all top notch.. Highly recommend them and the product and services they provided. Thank you – Pat M – Patrick M.,

Legacy Sunrooms

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We had a life room added to our house over the winter. Dealing with everyone at Legacy Sunrooms has been a pleasure. They are a great local company that takes pride in everything they do. Words cannot describe how professional this group of people are. Our life room looks amazing, and turned out better than I expected. The construction expertise Brad has is amazing. He was able to tie our addition into a very difficult roof pitch that turned out looking like it was originally built when we built the house. We can’t wait to furnish it and get the landscaping done, so we can show it off. Thank you Lucas, Brad, and everyone at Legacy Sunrooms for a stress free, professional experience. – Gary K.,

Legacy Sunrooms

Thank you Gary. This was a fun project for us.

I still catch my breath

Our experience with Luke, Dave and Brad and their employees was stellar. My husband wanted a glass roof in our long-anticipated sunroom. I had my doubts expecting it to be far too warm. Luke came in and swept us off our feet with his great personality and “voo-doo glass,” as I refer to it whenever I tell the story. (Ask him for a demonstration!!! It’ll blow you away!!) So I walked to a corner of the back yard and held out my arms to represent the corner and said “This is what I want.” Luke gave me a look and said, “OK!!!” and had a design within a couple of days. Once construction started on our 1000 foot “sunwing” we ended up getting to know Brad and his crew quite well and enjoyed our time with them. I always got a greeting of “Good morning, Darcy!” It was enjoyable listening to the crew laughing together and enjoying building the sunwing, even when problems came up like an ant nest in our existing exterior wall or several of the other issues that you get when you build onto an existing home. From start to finish the job was done with extreme care and professionalism and consideration of the homeowner. The result is literally breathtaking. Even after months of seeing the room daily it still catches my breath as I walk into it. And it’s been fun being in the room through the seasons. Sitting in a chair, looking through the glass ceiling and watching clouds float by and birds fly by or planes fly over during EAA or watching the snow fall with almost 360 degree view. I having nothing but good things to say about Legacy. If your dream is a sunroom, call Legacy!! (And they were great with our dogs too!!) (I would post a photo but I can’t figure out how) – Darcy Z.,

Great company

The three owners really take care of the job from start to finish. Dave, Brad and Luke have a ton of experience and know four Seasons Sunrooms better than anyone. I recommend Legacy for any outdoor living job in Wisconsin. – Kyle R.,

Outstanding contractors and quality

My wife and I recently got a sunroom and custom build project done with Legacy Sunrooms. We had a vision of what we were hoping for to open up our home and make it a brighter more attractive living space. What we got as the result is far better than what we imagined! We now have a place that’s so incredibly warm, bright and inviting we would much rather stay home and invite guests over than go out. Every week we think about who we want over just come and hang out because the new atmosphere is so awesome. Let’s talk about the experience working with the owners and contractors. The reason we went with them is because their focus for years with hundreds of examples to showcase when meeting with us for the estimate was incredible. Their main focus is sunrooms so it made no sense to really explore other options when that’s what we wanted was the best. These guys dominate the state of WI as one of the top recommended choices through our research. Luke, an owner and lead salesman gave us a great digital example of what the layout would be and it got us excited to work with them seeing the time he put into every detail we requested. The building process was awesome for several reasons. 1- they actually communicate with you! Working with several builders in the past it seems like this is the hardest part of working with a contractor and thankfully they were always helping get things how we hoped they would be. If there was ever an issue as there always is when you build something this customized, they always made it right. 2- the speed at which they worked was impressive and working with the builders Dave and Brad was truly an easy process. It was so apparent how much they cared to go above and beyond to make you happy we would recommend them to anyone. In fact 2 of our neighbors also got their own sunroom with them after they saw ours and shared our experience and pleasure working with them. In summary, if you are even thinking about a sunroom, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not having them bid your project. I can confidently say you will make a great choice into this type of investment and feel awesome you did. – Cody M.,

Beautiful Sunroom!

I’m so happy we decided to go with Legacy for our sunroom project. The process was simple and the team was knowledgeable, the end product is beautiful! – George L.,

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