Patio Covers

Our Full Patio Covers Shield Your Head from the Elements
Have a Legacy Sunrooms consultant create a 3D CAD design of your new patio cover today.
When you just want to spend some time outside without the sun beating down on your head, consider the installation of one of our full patio covers. Legacy Sunrooms can design these structures to look like an extension of the existing roof line so that they fit in with your home’s architecture. Our skilled contractors also work quickly to build a durable patio cover for your Green Bay home. We use an efficient installation process to swiftly complete home additions, so you won’t have to put up with construction for weeks on end.

Professional Design Assistance for Your Patio Cover

Many of our clients start out by adding patio covers onto their homes, and later upgrading them to enclosures. If you think this might be an option for the future, let our design consultant know during your free, in-home price estimate. The consultant can work with you to create an attractive patio cover that is easy to transform into a patio enclosure at a future date. These experts take accurate measurements and photographs of the patio area and use them to create a 3D representation of the patio cover with CAD software so you can see how the finished result will look. Legacy Sunrooms provides patio covers with outstanding amenities and features, such as:
  • High-quality products from Four Seasons
  • A transferable lifetime warranty
  • No interest, no payments for a year financing
  • Durable aluminum structural materials
  • Energy-efficient EPS foam-filled roof panels
  • Low-maintenance and no-maintenance styles
  • Upgradeable patio covers
  • Free, in-home price estimates

Request a Free Quote on Our Green Bay Patio Enclosures

Improve the functionality of your patio by having Legacy Sunrooms give it an attractive cover. Our Green Bay contractors work with you to design stylish patio covers and enclosures that look like they have always been a part of your home. Give us a call or fill out our online form to ask about your free price estimate and on-site consultation today.

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